Welcome to Walthamstow Stadium

WELCOME TO WALTHAMSTOW STADIUM (now closed) the home of Greyhound racing. 

Information to help make you greyhound racing more enjoyable...

Do I have to book entry tickets in advance?
There is no need to book up for entry only to the stadium.

Do I need to make an advance booking to dine in the restaurants?
It is always advisable to book in advance, especially for a Saturday evening as we can be booked up 3-4 weeks in advance. We can occasionally have space available on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, but this can not be guaranteed, so we would always recommend booking up in advance to avoid any disappointment.

How do I make a restaurant reservation? Please our catering department (Mon-Fri: 9.30am - 3.30pm).

What is the difference between the Main Enclosure & Popular Enclosure?
The Main Enclosure contains all the restaurants, corporate gifts and boxes and main bars. It also gives you the best views of the finish line and also the best crowd atmosphere. The Popular Enclosure contains a bar and fast food point, it also offers good views of the racing and it also has a very reasonable admission price.

Can I buy a Track Pack or Six Pack offer on the night?
No, all our special offers must be pre-booked and pre-paid for in advance.

How much notice do you require when sponsoring a race?
We normally require a weeks notice and availability will also depend on what events we have already booked up.

We are open for evening racing every Tuesday, Gatwick airport parking Thursday and Saturday from 6.30pm.
We are also open Monday & Friday for a lunchtime/afternoon meeting. Please click here for further information.
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Supporters ofThe Charter for the Racing Greyhounds Walthamstow Stadium was a greyhound racing track located in the London Borough of Waltham Forest in east London and was one of a limited number of remaining greyhound race tracks operating in Greater London. Address: Chingford Rd, Chingford, UK E4 8 Phone: 020 8531 4255


Walthamstow Stadium (General Information) 
Restaurants, Corporate Boxes & Special Offers
Tel: 020 8498 3333 / Mon-Fri / 9.30am - 4.15pm